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The vertical mixers are designed specially to facilitate, to improve and to optimize the mix and punctured of the pasture for the cattle, besides to transport and distribute to the feeding-places or any place that is needed, and it can be operated by a tractor or mounted on a truck.

Operating a Fehr mixer starts with a control lever, its function is to give direction to the hydraulic fluid from a passage to another or the block his return. So it lets us operate the mixer from the PTO from the tractor, operate the gate and discharge conveyor by the tractor controls, or external controls if the tractor does not have a sufficient number to control all elements.

The transmissions in FEHR mixers are the elements responsible for transmitting the motion from the tractor to the auger.

Reducers will be included with the transmissions, in charge of adapting the torque and speed of the actuator output to the appropriate values ​​for the movement of the worm.

The Vertical auger, mix fast and carefully without compress or refrigerates the product. This produces foamy food and easily to rumination. This system also reduces the impact on the machinery and makes it much more durable.

The cut length is optimized by the cutting blades, by external regulation, so the equipment can be used for any type of forage.

  • Ingredients don’t lose nutritive properties.
  • Cuts materials uniformly such that it gets homogeneously mixed.
  • Gently processing, keeping mixture soft.
  • No sprockets and chains required
  • (Low costs of maintenance)

Specifications and Technical Data

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